Why Coaching?



Why 1:1 private coaching? Why not other system of learning?


I believe coaching is one of the best tools for personal transformation that delivers most permanent results, and here is why :


Start Changing Your Life Here and Now

You do not need to take a break from your own life to change it, the opposite, you can embrace what you have and that’s when the magic happens. Have you ever noticed that couple of months after a wonderful retreat you find yourself being back to your old routine? It’s because it was never fully integrated into your lifestyle, it was separate from it. This can help you to truly integrate what you learn into your everyday life and make lasting changes.


Get Clear on What You Really Want

As you get to see yourself from a third person perspective, you get more clarity. We all have those friends that is dating the wrong person and are not able to move on. And it seems like everyone around them knows that it’s a toxic relationship, but they cannot see that and is stuck in a vicious cycle thinking that that’s what they really want? It’s because when we are going through the experience, it is hard to fully understand it and it's good to have another person perspective to be able to make the best choices.


Get exactly what YOU need

Sometimes you might follow a system or a program and wonder why you are not getting such great results as your neighbour. Well, because we are all different! We have different past, different traumas, different dreams and aspirations, so we need different techniques, methods to heal, to reach our dreams. And that’s the beauty of the coaching – it's personalized. Each (new) system for transformation or healing was created by the person for who it worked personally. That’s why the world is full of new systems now. But what if you go straight to the source and instead of always searching for a perfect one, you discover your own?



You might have accumulated a huge amount of information. These days we have access to everything. But working together with a coach/mentor makes you embody everything you learn. Otherwise you can feed yourself all the information you want and never make any changes in your life. Be at the same place for 5-10 years, setting the same goals over and over again.


Learn From Other People Mistakes

That is one of the reasons why the humanity is evolving so fast. We started to learn from each other’s mistakes and improve the quality of life incredibly quickly. Why spend 6-10 years struggling while somebody else already got if figured it out?


Fulfill your Resolutions

We ALL have big plans and dreams... But how many of us are actually living our dreams? And how long does it takes for them to manifest it? Coaching helps to speed up the process and find the missing link between your life and your dreams that you dream of for 2, 3 or maybe even 10 years.


Experience The Power of Human Connection

Realize that you are not alone. That there are people who went through things that you’re going through and there is a way. Once you open up and let others into your life, allow them to help you in your journey, life starts flowing and everything becomes smoother, you encounter fewer obstacles. We’re social creatures. And yet, we are always trying to do everything by ourselves. But connection is the magic, it inspires, empowers and nurtures us:)


Become Your Own Master

That’s the goal. Once you discover that Divine Spark in you, you are free to rock your world on your own. And that’s the best part - you become a Master, a Leader of your own life. You know what is the best for you and you have the tools you can work with.

SO here it is:)


I believe that every successful person had their own amazing teachers or guides that helped them to lift up higher. We always talk about oneness but we want to do it all by ourselves. Nooooo!


Connection is so much Fun. Transforming. Empowering.


So follow your Heart’s guidance and you will find your person at the right timing of you life. Maybe it will be me, who knows. Maybe not. Your Heart will tell you. In any case, I wish you a fulfilling journey..