❥ Preparing the mind. Before each healing session, it’s important to prepare the mind. The mind can be one of the biggest obstacles not allowing the healing to happen. As the outcome of the healing session is very dependant on the receptivity of the patient,  we will cover certain subjects to be able to fully benefit from the session.


❥ Understanding of the problem. If you can track back where the issue is coming from and what is the root cause of it, you can heal much faster. The root cause is usually never only physical. It can be mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual. Factors like anxiety, stress, fears, traumas, limiting belief systems are usually the biggest contributors to an unhealthy energy field. Depending on the situation, we will do :

✔︎Shadow work

✔︎Oracle reading

✔︎Akashic records

✔︎Journeying session

This will help you to get to the root of the issue. And sometimes that alone can be enough to cause a major breakthrough and shift in your wellbeing. 


Energy Healing. If we need to go further, we will do an Energy Healing session :

✔︎BioField Quantum Healing

✔︎Magnet Therapy

✔︎Shamanic Entity Removal

At this point it is all about surrendering. These modality intervenes on a subtle level and helps to align your energy flow and dissolve the blockages. 


❥ Adjustment period/Maintenance. This is a very important step (!) Even when the healing session is done, it is important to maintain a clean system and adjust your lifestyle to be able to enjoy the effect for an extended period of time. I will give you the tools that you can use every day to keep improving.


*At this moment I offer Energy Reading and Healing only in person or when included in Coaching packages. You can find occasional deals on my social media.


If you would like to book a session in person, the office is located in Viveka Yoga studio in Lachine, Quebec, Canada.