I had my doubts too…


Even though ever since I was a kid I was fascinated by the power of the human mind and its potential, my desire to fit in was so big that I ended up denying my natural gifts and living in a fear of myself for many years.


A complete denial and self-hate led me to getting consumed by the matrix of the mainstream media, developing a ton of insecurities, and becoming confused and really sick. I spent many years going to doctors trying to find an external solution to my extreme fatigue, sleep deprivation, heart issues, breathing difficulties, anemia, constant poisonings and accidental injuries. I was constantly worrying about my health and my future.


Eventually after years of suffering I re-welcomed alternative healing methods and spirituality to my life. However right after starting to get my life together, another storm came: bulimia, depression and knee injuries completely tore me apart. Apparently the first wake up call wasn’t strong enough.


Have you seen overly skinny pretty girls walking down the street always with a light smile but blank look in their eyes? Only thinking about how do they look like? Not being able to enjoy life because the only thing in the world that matters is the control of food consumption? Even time is measured by food. A complete obsession.


I was one of them.


Now it feels like it all happened in a past life.


Today, I don’t believe in magic anymore. I live it. I breathe it everyday. I’m grateful for every minute of my life. Because it’s better then what I dreamt of. Even now I feel shivers passing through me by realizing where I arrived. Today I’m fully confident, in love with my life and honouring the Woman I became.


And the best part of it? I get to help people like you all around the world to break their destructive patterns and get to this place where life is really magical too.

I’m a Life-Transformation Coach, Healer and an Artist. Along with overcoming life-threatening experiences, I have a university diploma in Psychology, Nutrition Certification and I’m in the process of completing a Doctorate in Naturopathy thought by an extrordinary shaman. I did numerous trainings in Energy Healing Arts like Bio-Quantum Field Healing, Reiki Ushui and Reiki Tumo.  As well, I collaborate with incredibly talented healers and investigate and clear Paranormal Activity in haunted houses.


As my work is closely related to my inner world I constantly travel the world with my soulmate to keep learning from the world leading experts in different Healing Modalities, Transpersonal Psychology, Shamanism, Qi Gong, Herbal and Chinese medicine, Energy Work, Sacred Relationships, Sacred Geometry, Yoga, Meditation, Shadow Work and various Ancient Sacred Teachings.


Every single day is filled with new discoveries and deep inner work of shedding layers of old personalities, becoming a new person every day. And all of this – to help me provide the best support and inspiration for your transformation. I’ve put together various programs to help and assist people like you so you could have a shortcut to reaching your Highest Potential.


So how did the shift happen?


At that point of my life when my useless visits to doctors were a part of my daily routine, deep frustration within made me turn my back to Western Medicine and explore alternative health and spirituality. Find all the answers by myself. I spent days, months and years researching and devouring tons of books, experimenting with everything and anything from nutrition, alternative medicine to spiritual practices. Somehow my life started to shift. Or so I thought.


Couple years later after a daily dedication to my new lifestyle, I felt like I was reborn. I was fully managing my health, stress, I was one of the best student and I felt like I got it alllll under control. But unfortunately, control was always just an illusion.


Soon after I left my home country of Lithuania to study in France, I realized that all those years of efforts was worth… nothing!


I was under incredible amounts of stress and those life saving tools stopped working.


I was confused. WHAT? WHY?


Because they were creating the opposite effect.

It became an escape from the reality.

I was in complete denial. I didn’t listen to my heart, I was still confused and stressed, always questioning what I was doing and why I was doing it. And so I was trying to hide it under the coat of my “spiritual” practices and pretend that it’s all ok and that I’ll get trough it. I was just bypassing.


I got very sick. Again. Doctors didn’t know what it was. Dying seemed easier than going through it. It felt like a weeklong ayahuasca nightmare. After that event I knew I’ll do anything so I would never have to go through it again. And so unfortunately my quest for health started to shift into obsession and it lead me to that other wake up call… this time dressed up in orthorexia nervosa and later – bulimia.


The sickness made me realize that despite all the work I did, I was still completely disconnected from myself, I felt lonely and I had no self-love, I was only obsessed with working and running through life. My soul was calling for deeper attention…

But of course, I was too asleep to realize it and I still believed I could heal all of that mess with a healthy lifestyle and spiritual practices. So I became raw-vegan, increased my yoga and other practices, started to train my mind and use the law of attraction and affirmations 24/7. At that point I got into the fashion industry and became a makeup artist.


On the outside it looked like I had a perfect dream life, but inside it was a hell of a journey.I’m sure you’re familiar with that feeling in one way or another.


I was stuck in a vicious cycle for years and despite the immense desire to change, NOTHING worked. Every single book, program or professional support was just a waste of time.


The effort to heal made me completely exhausted.

Then one day something different happened

I ACCECPTED that my life was completely out of balance and that I couldn’t keep looking for an external solution anymore. I thought I had all the ingredients to health and happiness but it wasn’t working…Something was missing…


I was so tired to ride the emotional roller coaster and I needed help. Not from friends, dieticians or professionals, but from the most powerful and divine. There was nothing else left. I started to spill million of tears and I gave up, SURRENDERED. I talked to God, Universe, whatever you want to call it, and asked for divine help.


Next day I woke up and I continued my usual life. But something unexpectedly happened and little miracles, synchronicities started to show up in my life. A couple of months later I had a break-through. I experienced my true spiritual awakening.


I was “doing” a guided meditation and suddenly I started to feel this incredibly intense energy that was slowly taking over my body and felt like it was completely healing my heart.


My heart felt like it was melting and becoming softer and softer with each breath. I was experiencing true unconditional love. A type of divine self-love. It was better than anything on earth, like an orgasmic extra-sensory experience. I had multiple A-h-a moments and visions about my life and my karmic contracts. I had life-changing realizations that were always under my nose for all those years, but I never noticed before. The information was just flooding me. I was so happy, so in love, so free.


After my experience, I marked that day into my calendar as my real birthday, because I felt like I’ve never really lived before this day.


However, this was just a little tip of the iceberg of a real healing journey. Integrating all those experiences into life and opening up to new realms is another story.


There is always so much more to learn, experience and awaken to.


But once you have a solid foundation and see the outside world as a reflection of what is inside of you, you’re in the flow. Even the hardships are fascinating, because you have all the tools to overcome them. Life becomes like a game. That is when you get a taste of real empowerment.




I believe with all my heart that we came to this life to embody the magic, to realize our wildest dreams BEYOND imagination and savour our experiences to the fullest.


And so I’m here to help you to shed your old skin and embody that powerful Hero/Heroine inside of you. To fully step into your power.


Still reading? Heck yes! That means we will get along.


Are you ready to start Your journey?


WHEREVER you are in your path today, IT CAN shift, the life can be so magical, that you are most likely incapable of imagining it right now!