On this same day, on July 18th, 2015, we got struck by a lightening…


Just 2 days before it happened, during our Mexico trip, my husband and I met an incredible woman that invited us to stay at her home in Merida, Mexico. She was such a rare gem. Her life was filled with mysterious stories that she was sharing with us while we were having dinner at her home. She took the best care of us by introducing us to her magical world – she showed us what traditional Mayan culture really looks like and she took us to visit sacred caves, meet amazing shamans…


When we were about to part ways with her and carry on with our trip, we found out that we missed our train.


And that was for a reason.


She invited us to stay at her place for another night. In the morning she woke us up with a smile: “Do you guys want to meet Hunbatz Men?”


Wooow. That was great news.


A Mayan elder Shaman – Hunbatz Men. Really?


We quickly packed our bags and we were on our way to meet the powerful shaman. On the road she was telling us stories about Hunbatz and she reminded us that he is not usually very chatty with strangers. It might be hard to get him to open up.


After a couple of hours we arrived. A big sign “Lol be” (“path of flowers”) greeted us at the entrance. We slowly entered the land. All three of us got off the car and saw Hunbatz Men with his assistant waiting for us. All of it felt so familiar. He greeted us very casually as if we would have already known him.


We started to walk around and listen to his stories and teachings. His land was full of consciousness. Even tree branches had the shapes of animals. They were conscious too. As he was showing us around his center and observatory, he was explaining to us the sacred geometry, mayan astrology, culture, rituals and teachings. He had a great vision for this place. He wanted to re-establish Mayan civilization in all it’s aspects.


Then we reached a ceremonial place with an entrance gate. Many powerful shamans were buried under that gate. Hunbatz Man didn’t want us to walk through it, because it was only reserved for the ceremonies. But after he showed us the land of ceremony made of sacred geometry patterns, he pointed to the gate and with a light smile said: “You can pass now, you have my permission”.


We started to slowly take the steps and suddenly we felt weakness quickly overwhelming our bodies. It seemed like our bones melted away from our legs, it was too hard to stand..

All of a sudden, we became aware of how different we feel in this land. Like we shifted dimensions. Like the time stopped. It felt that the land that we were on was the only place in the world that existed. That was all. We could clearly hear the energy buzzing in the air. Like a powerful generator. We looked at each other with faces full of wonder and surprise.


When we felt that the meeting was coming to an end, we started to walk back to the place where we parked our car. We were expressing our gratefulness for Hunbatz time and we started shaking hands.


That’s when it happened.


It was Chris turn to say goodbye and so as he crossed his hands over the chest and brought it back to the prayer position (Hunbatz salutation), all of a sudden we saw a lightning bolt hitting right next to us! All the earth started shaking, it felt like an earthquake. The loudest sound completely cut all the rest of the sound off. Our ears popped and it felt like we were 500 feet under water. Hunbatz fell back on his seat and quickly put his hands in a prayer. His face was full of shock. We were all shocked and surprised. We felt blessed that we were still alive.


The Mayan god of Thunder, lightning and rain Chaac made himself felt and heard. As the rain started to instantly pour from the sky that has suddenly become black, we jumped into the car. We were still completely confused about what happened, our heads were under an incredible pressure, a high pitch sound was still ringing in our ears. But despite that, we all had a sensation of a supernatural initiation and purification.


Till this day, we are still processing all that has happened. Lessons became a bit more clear, but there is still mysteries to uncover.


That is how life can surprise us sometimes. We never know what will happen today or tomorrow and that is the magic. If we allow ourselves to believe that our casual day can deliver us something more than just routine, it will happen. We will start living little miracles everyday.


Today, Hunbatz is not in this plane of existence anymore. He took his path to ascension. He passed away. But people are carrying on his mission. His spirit is still guiding us. And we are all grateful for his strong and mysterious presence.

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