Finally. Summer solstice! Another occasion to celebrate. Right?


In many ancient cultures this day was honoured and celebrated, because people had a profound understanding of this cosmic event. However in our culture, we lost the metaphysical aspect of this celebration and the understanding of the true solstice meaning. Today for most of us it’s just another excuse to get together with friends and have a long weekend off.


But if you want to have a spiritual celebration, you can. There are just some things that you should know to be able to take full advantage of these strong energies.


1.The Date

Summer solstice is happening on a different date each year, even though many cultures have a set date (usually June 24th). This year it is happening on June 21st and that is when the energy is the strongest.


2. Honouring the Day

There are many superstitions and rituals that people like to participate in. Some of them includes a bonfire, sacred dances, creating altars, collecting herbs and the morning dew. But the same rituals can be completely empty and have no influence on your life or they can change and transform you.


As with anything in life, it is more important why and how you do it than what you do.


So for the ceremony, choose the one that connects you to your heart and brings up the purest child like joy. That is the key as it will help you to express the real love and gratitude and these feelings in their purest form will amplify anything your mind will be focusing on. Once you feel it, any ceremony or ritual you will do will bring you the most powerful manifestations you can think of. Because the rituals are there only to convince our mind.


3. Understanding the Meaning

The understanding deepens your connection to anything you do and brings you real tangible result.


So what is the spiritual message of this day?


It is about the sun’s journey and what that journey represents in your personal life. In ancient culture it was a symbol of a path to enlightenment (a path of sun/son-Christ). It is about honouring our spiritual journey. Connecting the external cosmic events to our internal processes. As without so within.


“We are undeniably part of the universe, and so too therefore is the process of awakening. The sun(and stars) is the source of light and life in our universe, just as the spirit is the source of light and life within us. Spiritual figures and texts placed so much emphasis on the journey of the sun, as the path of the sun is symbolic of the path of consciousness/spirit in it’s journey to wakening, and the solstices and equinoxes are this journey’s major stages”. -The Path of the Spiritual Sun by Belsebuub with Angela Pritchard.


So here it is. I hope these steps brings you more clarity.


Wishing you a wonderful celebration and connection on this magical summer Solstice day 


I’d love to know.


How do you celebrate summer Solstice?


Share your experience and insights and it may be a catalyst for someone else’s change:)

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