What if you could increase your body’s natural ability to heal, restore your original DNA, enhance your connection and speed up your evolution?


What if you could do it quicker that you thought?


Well, there is a way.


Couple of days ago I got a very special gift from a very special woman.




Have you ever heard about it? Ormus? Monatomic Gold? Some poeple believe it’s the Holy Grail. Some believe that it’s the Philosopher’s Stone. Some say that that’s how the Egyptian pyramids were moved (as Ormus has incredible levitational qualities). Apparently this substance is lighter than a feather.


Ormus is a precious metal like gold or silver (might be salt as well) in a different atomic state. Its state is changed through the process of Alchemy.


Consuming Ormus enhances the communication between your cells which accelerates the healing processes in your body (and in turn decelerates aging). It helps you to get rid of harmful toxins and your makes our energy field a super conductor. It is also proven to balance both brain hemispheres which ameliorates brain activity.


But it is mostly known for it’s ability to increase psychic phenomena like telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming and etc. As it helps to decalcify your 3rd eye which in turn increases the production of Melatonin, Seratonin and DMT. That’s why you experience more of this magic.


Even though I strongly believe that the human body can create anything by itself and that the placebo effect is usually what takes place when we rely on external prodcts, I cannot deny that certain elements speeds up the processes beyond my expectation. Just like I can’t deny the effect of plant medicine neither.


Try it for yourself and you’ll see.


Just be smart and aware when you choose where to get it. Do your research. Ormus that is made from gold dust is very expensive and delicate product. It is also made with lye which has to be fully washed out before consuming.


So pick someone you trust or learn how to make it yourself:)


I’d love to know.


What is Your Holy Grail? Is there any particular product that helped you increase your connection? 


Share your experience and insights and it may be a catalyst for someone else’s change:)

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