All of a sudden everything around me shifts.


My ears pop and it feels like I’m now under water, like I can hear the tiniest energy movements so loud. Expanding and contracting.


The air becomes thick like gel. It seems like it’s full, full of something conscious.


I look around and realize that everything is conscious, everything has eyes and ears and the same thick gel consistency, weather it’s air or a chair. I wave my hand and feel like it’s moving through aloe vera gel.


I remember that atoms are 99.9999999999996% of empty space. Now it makes sense why everything has the same texture. Maybe I could even pass through the wall?


My energy starts expanding and taking the space as far as my eyes can see. I start to clearly perceive that the external world is just my projection and that only “I” exists. But at the same time, I clearly feel other dimensions and layers of realities.


I feel all of my bodies and even “other selves” in other planes of existence. And all at the same moment. Like an onion whose layers all just became aware of themselves and other existing onions at the same moment. And I know that all of me are having the same realization now.


I wish that nobody approaches me, because I will start feeling them too.


I’m not sure if like this. When I think of that, all my emotions intensify. I start feeling a big ball in my throat. It starts expanding.


At that moment, somewhere far, but so close, I can hear someone cheering that I reached that state, apparently I’m learning to control it.


I have a realization that my throat blockage is what makes me feel overwhelmed. If I surrender to it, I will live this state from my heart, it will be lighter.


And with those words everything covers in bright green color. Just for a second.


For the last year I have been entering this state involuntarily. It felt similar to realizing all of a sudden that you’re dreaming in your dream.


At first, my body would feel so overwhelmed by feeling all of the senses so intensified. Like there was not enough of space it it for that experience. Like I had to fit the whole universe in it. It’s impossible to describe in words.


But I feel like I finally grasped it. I finally realized that I can control it. I can get to it myself when I need to connect. I don’t need to be in that state while I need to function in an everyday life. Pheww…


If it seems like everything is speeding up now, it’s not just a perception. It is truly happening. That’s why it’s important to realize that whatever we are experiencing, we can learn to control it. We have to learn to regulate it to make use of it. Human spiritual evolution is going rocket speed and we need to adapt to it, not let it overwhelm us.


When we will take full responsibility of what is happening to us and learn to navigate it, we will become “The New Human”, “HomoDeus”.


  • Oliv J
    May 1, 2018

    Wooow Ieva. Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing, it is so comforting to hear that someone goes trough similar experiences.

  • Ralph
    May 3, 2018

    So well put in words. Grateful for your sharing.


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