You were born in the age of Ignorance – the more you know, the more anxious you become, the more you try, the more energy you lose.


Sound familiar?


This is what most people’s lives look like. You believe that getting more knowledge and putting in more effort is the only way to reach something in your life. But is it really true? Haven’t you ever noticed that when you give up trying so hard, things starts to flow? When you give up a desire, it finally manifests in your life?


Well, this is what so called Golden Age is about.


It’s important to remember and honour the fact that we are living in a period of big changes. Many souls wish they could be here and witness this change. From an age of Ignorance, we are shifting towards a Golden Age. We are discovering that the same methods we used to use are not serving us anymore, and we are learning how to truly work with universe. We are also realizing that our endless efforts are not always serving us to get to the destination we believe in. That’s why it is the perfect time to learn how to let the God drive and become a passenger of your own life.


But how do you do it?


You don’t want to be a completely passive observer ether . . .


You’ve probably heard the word surrender (or active surrender) many, many times. But what about the experience of a real surrender? When you start analyzing this state, you are able to experience it moment to moment. It is a state where your mind is completely empty from the past and future, where you give into what you feel or what you do at the moment. Fully. Without any resistance. Living it the best you can, with the biggest smile you can. Because whatever you are doing now, even if it sucks, is already teaching you the most important lesson in your life that can bring you so much higher.


You are exactly where you’re suppose to be.


A form of surrender


If it’s hard to reach this state in everyday life, there are many little tricks you can use. It can be a prayer, a mantra, a meditation… But here I want to remind you that one of the easiest way to practice and integrate this state into your life is creation. Creating brings you closer to your original state of consciousness, the one that frees you from anxiety, worry, and material preoccupations and brings you away from useless thoughts.


And this is also the reason why we are here on planet Earth.


Everyone comes here to create their reality and discover, play. If you observe your state while creating, you will be able to bring more of it to your everyday life and experience the real child-like surrender. Creating is probably the most amazing and satisfying form of surrender. People who create are channeling the divine and healing all around themselves every single day of their lives


And everyone is an artist.


Especially these days. We have so much freedom to express ourselves; we can all be a part of this process. This is what helps us to shift from an Ignorance Age to a Golden Age.


So catch your muse and get into this flow of creation, stop trying so hard, learn to relax, and surrender to what is already happening to you.


What are the ways you surrender to the here and now ? Are there any life-changing experiences that surrendering has brought you ?


Share your experience and insights and it may be a catalyst for someone else’s change:)

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