The power of writing is much more incredible than we think.


Years ago literacy was the biggest privilege and only some of the elite class knew how to write or read. In some civilizations it was even considered as a form of art. And today we have a possibility to write ourselves and we can make use of it by taking a pen and starting to ink our thoughts into a journal. So simple, but so magical.


I cannot tell you enough of good things about journaling. It helped me in my personal, spiritual development, as well as accomplishing my life goals. That is why journaling is always one of my most loyal companions in my journey. 


This sacred private practice allows me to express without any limitation and completely clear my mind from any clutter. It helps me reconnect to my heart in the moments of confusion and access the knowledge that is already inside of me.


I can definitely say that it is one of the the most simple and effective tools that can lead you to self discovery and deep healing. It can help you to develop a new relationship with yourself which is a catalyst for a true self-love So with no doubt, journaling can improve the quality of your life.


So how do you do it?


These are a few themes that will give you a spark of inspiration to get on your journaling journey.


1. Morning Pages


You might have read the book : “The artist’s way” by Julia Cameron. That’s where the Morning Pages comes from.


This technique liberated millions of artist with their blocked creativity and helped many people to have meaningful breakthroughs. And guess what it is? Yes, it’s simply journaling!


The goal is to write 3 pages by hand every morning. Sounds like a lot of work and  that’s what I thought too. It wasn’t easy to spend so much time writing the first day, but then I started to see the benefits. It was like taking out the “thought garbage” every morning and clearing up the brain fog.


Everything during the day seemed so much more clear and I became more productive and creative in different ways.


So even if you think that you have nothing to write about, get your pen and journal and try it out. First morning you might end up filling up 3 pages of : “I don’t know what to write”, but wait for it. And if you already have what to express, then even better, liberate your feelings, excitement, anger, joy, hope, sadness, ideas, goals, stupid thoughts and do not overthink when you write, just go with it. Everything you got!


Morning pages was one of the most valuable lessons in her book that I applied for a particular period in my life. It was a surprising breakthrough from some thinking patterns in my life and my writing reflected it day by day.


2. Goals journal


You can write your everyday goals to help you be more productive and focused or you can write 5, 10 years goals to help you manifest the things you desire.


Imagine that writing down goals is like casting the spells. It attracts certain things to your own reality. It is a vibration, a frequency that you emit (especially if you write with emotion) to the universe and you wait till she picks it up! It’s a great way to speed up manifestation in the direction that you desire.


I like seeing the goal journal as a menu for the universe. Imagine you are at a restaurant. There comes a chef- the universe. She can bring you anything you want, but you have to choose it from the menu. There are many delicious meals.. However you are not aware that some of them might not be good or healthy for you, so you can ask the chef to advise you. And you get the best of it. Alors, write down your goals with intention that the universe will pick and realize the ones that are for your highest good.


3. Spiritual growth journal


If you meditate, journey or do other spiritual practices and you get insights, intuitive knowing or some sort of lessons, write them all down.


Every time when you write down, you integrate and you show your commitment to improve. You can learn so many things in a short period of time, but then forget all of it and have no use of it. However journaling is what makes them a part of you, it’s what makes you evolve. And even if you didn’t quite understand the lesson or insight, but you had some visuals or intuitive feelings about certain things, write them too. So that latter on you can come back and pick up the message with a new understanding.


It is an invaluable tool for your personal development.


4. Dream journal


This can be one of the most incredible ways to access your subconscious or unconscious mind. Just don’t forget to write down your dreams right after you wake up, otherwise they will evaporate without you noticing.


In dream psychology, there are so many amazing different ways to analyze dreams and their symbolism. Too many. That’s why I truly believe that it is better just to trust Your own intuition. Because different symbols will have different meanings for every person. You can analyze element by element in your dream and try to understand their meaning together or you can go into meditation and ask your Higher Self about the message and remember to… write it down to your journal as well.


After that you can see what is the “collective” meaning of those particular symbols and see if it resonates with your message.


5. Shadow work


Here we get a little bit deeper. If you really want to “fly high”, you have to dive deep first and remove all the chains keeping you down. One of the ways to do it is by meeting your “Shadow Self” that is a part of your unconscious mind. The one that carries all your repressed impulses, desires, fears and much more. Shadow work can help you to uncover and liberate these unconscious feelings and thoughts. Whenever something in your environment triggers you, you can go into a journey with jour journal and explore your depths.


But as shadow work is an amazing subject, I will dedicate a new blog for that.


I’d love to know.


If you never journal, what is stopping you? And if you do, what is your theme and what does journaling bring to your life?


Share your experience and insights and it may be a catalyst for someone else’s change:)


  • Cynthia
    April 12, 2017

    Really glad I found this, I enjoy your content so much! There are so many synchronicities in my life related to what you post, wow wow!

  • Sammi
    April 16, 2017

    Thank you for a great article! I myself love “Artist’s Way” and have been working with this book for over 2 years now, it changed my life. Will be looking forward to your blog about shadow work!


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