Did you ever hear that the first thing you have in the morning will determine what you will crave for the rest of the day? So what can be better than something super nutritious and delicious?


I’m going to share with you my favourite morning tonic that will bring you an incredible amount energy and radiating health. It can help you to completely reverse your eating habits, help to get rid of caffeine addiction and keep your digestion at it’s best.


It is…Green Juice. I know what you might be thinking.


“Oh no, it takes so much time, work and huge amount waste! I’m not willing to do this. Maybe sometime later”. Before quitting, you should know couple of incredible facts about juicing that can instantaneously change your mind.


1. Nutrient dense cocktail

Today most of our diet lacks in nutrients. And we’ve all heard that one of the ways to fix it is to include more vegetables in our diet. But how many of them we really have to consume to get all the nutrients we need? It is not easy for everyone to commit to eating vegetables all day long… And even if we do, the food that we have today is not as nutritious as it was in our grandparent’s times as the quality of the soil is much lower. That means that we should be eating double amount if not more of the food to get what our body needs.


So what can we do here ?


Juice, YES !


While juicing we extract the most important part of vegetables and that is why it is one of best and most natural ways to get a shot of vitamins and minerals every morning and boost the energy without needing to rely on vitamin supplements or stimulants.


2. Digestive power of enzymes

Sometimes we eat the most nutritious food or buy the most expensive supplements, but our body doesn’t have enough of enzymes to absorb all nutrients from it. However, juice doesn’t require enzymes to digest it, the opposite – it is an amazing source of enzymes that will help you to better absorb all goodies and better digest your food.  So not only you are getting a drink full of nutrients, but also recharging your enzyme container!


3. Vegetable juice is very rich in chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a complete neutralizer of toxins, detoxifier, deodorant and healer of inflammations, wounds. It also rebuilds your blood (which is one of the most important things to consider while working with your Qi!) Just that is enough to turn on the healing mode in your body. You will build a stronger immunity, beat a persistent illness or accelerate the healing and charge your body with high frequencies!


Juicing can be your first baby step towards healthier lifestyle and I’m adding my favourite recipe that will help you do it smoothly! It is satisfying, energizing, so DELICIOUS and still follows 80/20 rule. 80% vegetables, 20% fruits. If you’re not a fan of green juices, believe me, you’ll still love this one!


As the juices are absorbed into the blood stream in 15 sec after drinking it, the first thing to make sure is that all the ingredients you are getting are organic. If they are not, you will also be absorbing all the chemicals and pesticides. So get your buns moving to organic or local market and get some vibrant veggies and fruits for the green power juice !


What you will need (2 servings):


  big cucumber
  1 bunch of celery
  4 apples
  1/2 ginger
  2 lemons
  1 lime
  1 leave of kale
  Handful of coriander
  Handful of mint
 Dash of Cayenne pepper


How to :


Peel lemon and lime, juice all the ingredients and sprinkle cayenne pepper. If the taste is too strong you can mix it with a little bit of water. Drink it asap!


If you still LOVE coffee and can’t go without it, use this trick: sprinkle a bit of baking soda before you drink your morning cup. This will reduce the acidity in the drink and will make your body more alkaline.


And now..


I’d love to know.


What do you use instead of morning coffee to boost your energy? How does it affect your mood, health and energy levels?


Share your experience and insights and it may be a catalyst for someone else’s change:)

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