Hey, I'm Ieva

I believe that no matter where you are today, your life can shift. You can be living the dreams BEYOND your wildest imagination. I'm a Life-Transformation Coach, Healer and an Artist. Everything I do provides you with real life tools to step into your Full Potential and live your soul-stirring Dreams.

What can I help you with?

Are you in a quest to reach your Highest potential, but you feel like you're stuck in a loop? If you still can't find your way, it's time to dive deeper into your inner world and do some work. If you are tired of excuses and are truly ready to change your life, here is how I can help you:

Finding Inner Peace to stepping into your Full Potential

Optimizing your Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Transforming Relationships with Yourself and the People around you

Discovering and Embodying your Dreams

3 Steps to a Happier You


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30 min – Free Discovery Session

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Available Services

If you are ready to work together, you can select one of these options:

1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 Private Coaching


Take responsibility and start living the life you deserve

Discover different 1:1 private coaching packages options

Energy Reading and Healing

Energy Reading and Healing


Clarify your questions and clear your energy blocks

Discover more about Energy Reading and Healing

The Alchemist Training

The Alchemist Training


Reach a Spiritual Transformation and Embody your Magic

Learn More about The Alchemist online group training

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