About me

If we haven’t met before, my name is Ieva. I am passionate about art, heath, magic, spirituality and I’m sincerely dedicated to my personal growth full time. That is why I’m here to inspire YOU. I’m a strong believer in anything that seems impossible for you right now.

I create everything with intention to share with you the best of what I learned to help you to embrace your power and live your purpose with PASSION, TRUST and PEACE.

And why do I do this? Because I wish you too to awaken to this new magic reality and soon enough you would be questioning yourself … how come all of this is even possible?! Life is much more than survival, it is magic, peace and constant growth and I am excited and happy for you to experience it !

I believe that we came to this life to realize our wildest dreams BEYOND imagination and enjoy our experience to the fullest every moment.

And believe me, it wasn’t always like this for me !

Just a decade ago, the appointments with doctors was a part of my daily routine

As many people, I was having a billion of health problems as well as many accidents that made my appointments with doctors a part of my daily routine. The mistrust and disappointment in western medicine drove my desire to dive deeply into alternative health and spirituality and find all the answers by myself. I started by reading all possible books and learning everything that was available that could help me heal. After I started to experiment with hundreds of techniques from healthy nutrition to meditation, my life started to shift. Couple years latter after a daily dedication to my new lifestyle, I was like reborn! I was fully managing my health and stress, studies and everything was under my CONTROL, I felt like I got it all. However, soon I realized that all those years of efforts was worth… nothing!

Repeating sickness led me to a new realization 

When I left my home country to study in France,  I was under incredible amounts of stress and those life saving tools stopped working.  WHY? Because they were creating the opposite effect – it became an escape from the reality. The confusion, stress and questioning about about where I am, what I’m doing lead me to sickness. After couple of months I got very sick from being very healthy. It felt like a weeklong ayahuasca nightmare. It made me realize that despite all the work I did, I’m still completely disconnected from myself, I feel lonely and I have no self-love, I’m only obsessed with working and running through life. It was my soul that was calling for deeper attention… But I still believed I could heal all of that with just a healthy lifestyle…

And I kept going the same direction 

I got inspired to put even more effort and become even more healthy and successful. I became raw vegan, did yoga and exercise daily, started to  use law of attraction and affirmations 24/7. My life seemed to get better and better…

I got into fashion industry and became makeup artist, I started to hang out with different people and feel the pressure to always be perfect, be the best. My quest for health and success started to shift into obsession and it lead me to eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

On the outside it looked like I have a dream life, but inside it was hell of a journey. I was stuck in a vicious cycle and despite the desire to change, nothing worked! Every single book, program or  professional support was just a waste of time..

The effort to heal made me completely exhausted.

A miracle that changed my life

Then one spring something different happened. I accepted that my life is completely out of balance and that I can’t keep looking for solution externally anymore. I was SO TIRED to ride the emotional roller coaster and I needed help. Not from friends, dieticians, professionals or people who went trough it themselves, but from the most powerful and divine. I started to spill million of tears and I gave up, surrendered. I talked to God, Universe and asked for help.

Next day I woke up and I continued my usual life. But something unexpectedly happened and little miracles started to flow in my life, strange things like magic, synchronicities. And couple months latter I had my true spiritual awakening. My spiritual teacher Robertas Karvauskas was guiding a meditation and I suddenly started to feel an incredibly intense source energy that was slowly healing my heart. It was melting and becoming softer and softer with each breath. And I was fully experiencing unconditional love. It was better than anything on earth, like an orgasm enhanced a million of times and lasting forever. I was having a million of a-h-a moments and visions about my life and Karma. I had life-changing realizations that was under my nose for all those years. The information was just flooding me. I was so happy, so in love, so free. After my experience, I marked that day into my calendar as my real birthday, because I felt like I’ve never really lived before this day.

This was just the beginning of my journey

HOWEVER, this was just a little beginning that even led to spiritual bypassing (which was amazing anyways!). There was much more to learn, experience and awaken to. Later on I moved to Canada to continue my studies in psychology and nutrition. I miraculously met my soulmate and I dove DEEP into spiritual and personal growth. Miracles and strong guidance started pouring out of heavens, every single unrealistic dream was manifesting. I embarked into the journey of my life.

The most authentic and heart-centered teachers that made me grow are Robertas Karvauskas, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Damo Mitchel, Ernesto Ortiz, Mizakarim Norbekov, Lazarev, Doreen Mary Bray as well as Sacred Plant Teachers. I constantly travel and learn from various teachers healers about meditation, sacred relationship, energy healing, yoga, shadow work, daoism arts, plant shamanism, various ancient sacred teachings and behind all of this, simply living with love and integrity! But what brought me the most was dedication PRACTICE and UNCONDITIONAL trust in life.

Of course, I’m don’t have it ALL figured out or am somewhat a guru. Because I am still and will always be a student of the universe! However, I went trough many things that challenges and confuses many of us and I healed and manifested my dreams that seemed so far and unreal into reality. And I can now share the story from the other side and serve others with my guidance and inspiration. I seriously dedicate my life to this passion so I could pass it on to YOU and help you to integrate a part of this magic into your life as well.

Still reading? Heck yes! That means we will get along just fine 🙂

So are you ready to start your journey?


WHEREVER you are in your path today, IT CAN shift, the life can be so magical, it’s impossible to describe this in words.


With love,