So who the heck am I?

If we haven’t met before, my name is Ieva.

I’m an artist, spirit junkie and a transformation coach. After years of struggling with health problems and eating disorders that led me to a spiritual awakening and a new magical life, I felt a deep calling to assist other women on their journey and help them to reach a life of their dreams.

I am here today to inspire and guide You to deeply heal on many levels, to get in touch with your true self and regain your self-love and confidence, and take action on your dreams.

Along with my diploma in psychology and nutrition certification, I have completed various yoga, energy work, and meditation trainings that assist me in providing the best support and inspiration for you.

And why do I do this?

Because I wish you too to awaken to this new magic reality and soon enough start questioning yourself … how come all of this is even possible?!

Life is much more than survival, it is magic, peace and constant growth and I am excited and happy for you to experience it. And once you get that feeling, you can’t help it but to share!

I’m a strong believer in anything that seems impossible for you right now. We came to this life to realize our wildest dreams BEYOND imagination and enjoy our experience to the fullest every moment.


Read my full story here.


So are you ready to start your journey?


WHEREVER you are in your path today, IT CAN shift, the life can be so magical, it’s impossible to describe this in words.


With so much love,